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Team -Ultimate Experience - Dirk at nazare


Dirk, born in 1968 from West Berlin and a veteran of Portugal since 1986. Decided to return to Peniche in 2013 after spending several years in Rio de Janeiro. Enthusiastic about the headlines of big wave surfing, he decided to be the first to set up a commercial logistics base for big wave surfing in the port of Nazaré. Through his initiative, he gave the surfing scene in the port significant impulses and helped brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, MINI, Yamaha Marine, Prio and Thule to achieve their marketing goals. In a close and very successful partnership with Mercedes-Benz Portugal, Dirk designed, advised and shaped the Mercedes-Benz Surfing Lounge for 3 years and inspired Mercedes-Benz to now run its own base independently. During this time, he accompanied countless events and top surfers such as Garrett McNamara, Sebastian Steudtner, Andrew Cotton, Alex Botelho, Joao de Macedo, Maya Gabeira, Justine Dupont and many others from the big wave scene were often seen as guests there. Dirk's professional strengths are in the areas of business development, service and quality management.

Team -Ultimate Experience - Alex at nazare


Alex, born in 1972, England, but grew up in Papua New Guinea. Alex was fortunate enough to be able to surf, windsurf, work & experience many parts of the world. After spending time in Hawaii as a surf instructor and managing a small surf school, Alex decided to move to Portugal to be closer to his parents in Europe. With the knowledge, social skills, languages & contacts gained from working and traveling, Alex set up Moana Surf School at Guincho Beach, Cascais, Portugal. Moana Surf School was set up in 2003 and has been a great success since then. The school has taught people from all over the world to surf. Nowdays Moana Surf School is not only a surf school for the ones that are looking for a surfing experience but also provides team building experiences to companies. Alex strong points are comunication and client handling.

Team - Ultimate Experience - Miguel at nazare


Miguel, born in 1978 in Lisbon, Portugal, where he lived all his life until now. Miguel is a local and he knows Nazaré since he was 5 years old, back then Nazaré was just a small fishing village that only locals knew about. In 2014 he changed from an office job in the hydraulic engineering area to start managing Moana Surf School. Miguel also has a degree in photography an taught at one of top photography schools in Portugal. He's in charge of all logistics and event planning at Moana Surf School, including the team building area. Miguel is also dedicated to bussiness expansion and developement at Moana. Very pragmatic, organized and with a special care for detail his strong working skills are realted with all that involves event planning, managing, logistics and cost control.